Sep 302011

I’m working with GreenHopper 4.2 and trying to make it work as a virtual scrum board.

Date Issue
30 Sep 11 Q I have been trying to figure out how to further filter the Taskboard, say by multiple issue types and not showing bugs. I had thought a solution would be for Atlassian to include the issue type as a parameter in the url.

    A Then many months later I have discovered contexts. One can create a context and link it to a saved filter.

      Another useful use case is if you want to filter your board across a number of main features. You can tag stories by editing the JIRA issues and applying a label, you would then link your context to a filter which searched for the tag. Note that sub tasks of a story will not show unless they have also been tagged. They can be tagged quickly using JQL, e.g. use this in an advanced search:

        issuetype in subTaskIssueTypes() and parent in (KEY-1, KEY-2, etc...)

        11 Jun 11 Q I think there should be more of an integrated Sprint calendar and I have raised this feature request.
        11 Jun 11 Q I want to have a url which will open the planning board not showing the sub tasks and have raised this feature request.
        Jun 11 Q Having a waste snake would make day to day issues more visible. I have raised this feature request.

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