Jul 272012

I know I often struggle with todo lists and being able to see the wood from the trees in order to get a specific project done, as opposed to lots of little bits of stuff. Recently I read about Beeminder in the Irish Times and I have been giving it a spin. You setup a goal and your motivation to keep on track is to stay on the yellow brick road. My first attempt was a goal to reduce my tagged mails in my inbox by 15 a week, setting a date they would be all done. I stayed on track for a couple of week, but it was too ambitious, I have to revisit that goal and set more realistic expectations.

I have generally updated my website in spurts but I just started a goal a couple of weeks ago to make 1 update a week for the rest of the year. I am using Beeminder to motivate me to stay on track. In anticipation of heading away on vacation I have made a number of updates this week to up my safe day buffer. My last update is this very post 🙂

My yellow brick road progress