These are handy Bookmarklets, drag the link in the left column to your toolbar (View | Toolbar | Bookmarks Toolbar in Firefox) to add to your toolbar for quick access. I keep them under a bookmarklet folder there.

Bookmarklet Note
Google translate Translates open page to English.
toread This is for which emails you the page you want to read, send it to your gmail account and you can have a filter there to show the toread list. You can do the same with bookmarks of course, but I find sites tend to get lost there, having a ready available list in gmail means I might actually read it!
WatchThatPage Adds the current page to your list in watchthatpage which send you an email when it’s updated.
Easy Read When you come across a page you can’t read because of some nasty colour clashes click on this and the page will be stripped of it’s colour.
Video download Download video in YouTube, etc. If you are viewing individual photos on Flickr (not slideshow) this gets rid of everything else, ideal.
Amazon Looks up highlighted text in Can be edited to change this to your Amazon country.
PrintLiminator PrintLiminator allows you to remove page elements and applying different styling for printing.
PageZipper PageZipper appends additional article pages underneath first page.