What Keyboard shortcuts
Your machine
  • Find the shortcut to put your machine to sleep
    • My home (Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro) Fn+F4 (not working!)
    • My work (HP Elitebook) Fn+F3
  • Yoga:
    • Mutes/unmutes the sound Fn+PrtSc
    • Increases/decreases sound volume Fn + →/←
    • Enable/Disable the keyboard backlight Fn + Spacebar
  • Open Task Manager Ctrl+Shift+Esc
  • Move the window to the monitor on the left or right Shift+WinKey + →/←
  • Dock/snap the window to each side of the monitor WinKey + →/←
  • Maximise the active window WinKey + (↓ toggles back)
  • Minimise the active window and focus the next window WinKey +
  • Jump lists, starts/switches to the app pinned to the taskbar in that position WinKey+1..9
  • Zoom in/out WinKey+(+/-)
  • Select text from cursor to start/end line Shit+Home/End
  • Shake Windows off Your Desktop, minimise everything but the active window by grabbing the title bar with the mouse and shaking
  • Focus notification tray WinKey+b
  • Cycle though open programs WinKey+tab, it’s better than alt+tab
  • Close program no questions asked Alt+F4
  • Show System Information and to access PATH under the Advanced tab WinKey+ Pause/Break
  • Lock workstation WinKey + l
  • Open Run dialog WinKey + r
  • Same as right click for context menu Menu key (next to the right-hand windows key)
  • Select All (in the current field or document) Ctrl+a
  • Task Manager Ctrl+Alt+Del
  • Find (works in most software) Ctrl+f
Windows Explorer
  • Open WinKey + e
  • Up Level: Alt +
  • Adds Command Prompt Here Shift+Right-Click on a folder
  • Display the old-style menus Alt
  • Create new folder Ctrl+Shift+n
  • Copy as path context menu option Shift+Right-Click
  • Up level Alt +
  • Rename file F2
  • Open link in new tab Shift+Middle mouse click
  • Focuses address bar Alt+D/F6
  • Move between tabs Ctrl+tab
  • Close tab Ctrl+w
  • New tab Ctrl+t
  • Full screen F11
  • Chrome – google search in address bar / omnibox Ctrl+k
  • Chrome – I’m feeling lucky search Ctrl+l
  • If you type something in the address bar and then press control + enter, whatever you type will be surrounded by www. and .com.
  • Delete Ctrl+D
  • Reply Ctrl+R
  • Reply All Alt+R (Ctrl+Shift+R)
  • Forward Alt+W
  • Move emails to Ctrl+Shift+V
  • Send email Ctrl+Return
  • Go to date on calendar Ctrl+G
  • Switch between email/calendar/contacts/tasks Ctrl+1/2/3/4
  • To pause a video press K
  • To fast forward press L
  • To rewind press J
  • To watch frame by frame forward or backwards, press the period or comma key
  • To go straight to the Quick Settings panel just place two fingers on the top of your screen and drag down.
    • In stock Android, when you drag the notification drawer down, you can tap the button in the upper right to access quick settings like Wi-Fi, data, brightness, Aeroplane Mode. The shortcut gets to it quicker
  • You can swipe to dismiss notifications; from v6+ (MarshMallow) you can press and hold the notification to set preferences for that app
  • Chrome swipe left or right on the address bar to quickly switch between open tabs
  • Tap and hold on menus: you don’t have to tap on the 3 vertical dots to open a menu and then tap again. Just tap and hold on the menu button and then drag down to the option you want
  • Safe mode Press and hold the power button to bring up the Power Off pop-up, then press and hold the pop-up to find the Safe Mode option. To get out of Safe Mode, just reboot your phone again.
  • Camera shortcut Find what works for yours, on mine I twisg the phone on othgers it might be a double poress of the power button
  • Take screenshot simply hold the power and volume down buttons at the same time
  • When texting, at the end of a sentence, hit the space bar twice and it will add a full stop
7+ Taskbar tweaker
  • Move volume up/down move mouse wheel over taskbar notification area
  • Toggle password Ctrl+h
  • New line when adding text anywhere Shift+enter
  • Capture region of screen Print Scrn
  • Switch between Backlog/Active Board/Reports 1 /2 / 3
  • Search /
  • JQL search window g + i
  • Create an issue c
  • Comment on issue m
  • Issue navigator u
  • Edit fields/actions window .
  • Active board
    • Presentation mode z
    • Toggle all swim lanes
    • Hide/Show Detail View t
  • Backlog
    • Send to top s + t
    • Send to bottom s + b
  • Add date picker /
  • Mention colleagues @
  • Open up Macro Browser {
  • Launchy Alt + Spacebar
  • AutoHotKey
    • Copy with no formatting Ctrl+WinKey+c
    • Set active window to be always on top Ctrl+Spacebar
    • Activates Chrome WinKey+c
    • Activates Skype WinKey+y
    • Paste address/email/gmail/mobile/name/work email/postcode F10+a/e/g/m/n/w/z
  • Finestra
    • Switch desktop Alt+1/2 (Numpad)
    • Send window to desktop WinKey+Alt+1/2 (Numpad)