Oct 082011

I’m using JIRA with GreenHopper and make extensive use of the dashboard.

Date Issue
08 Oct 11 Q I would like to be able to share a search with one particular user and not a whole group, it turns out that this has been a feature request since 2004 🙁
04 Oct11 Q One can assign the “All Watchers” group to get updated when a comment is added to a JIRA. However there is no “All commenters” group, which I find very strange as I would regard it as basic functionality, you don’t want people to have to remember to watch every JIRA they comment on. Amazingly this has been a feature request was for 8 years and I just became the 25th voter for it: Add ‘all commenters’ notification group feature request.
28 Sep 11 Q How can users find issues they have been involved in?

    A Once can watch relevant issues but out of the box there is no ideal solution. Luckily the Toolkit
    plugin comes to the rescue. This adds a calculated participants field which can be searched on. I had problems getting the participant field to show in a simple search but one can do an advance search and select participants = <user>

    05 Jul 11 Q I am showing a filer results gadget on my dashboard. I would like to be able to sort the columns.

      A This can be done with the Column order plugin.

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