Dec 072018

So at the train\bus station, one can no longer get a parking ticket from a machine. If your phone is set up with the App it can be convenient but if not it can be definitely a case of saying to yourself well old school was better. It’s like having the tape desk to record just a short thing off the radio impromptu, it was so quick. Now you have to remember what time you heard it, go and see if there is a podcast…

So there I was on a dark bus I frustratingly I had to do the below on my phone:

  1. I downloaded the Apcoa Connect App
  2. I needed a password to login, it was over a year since I had used the service. I checked KeyPass on my phone and found ParkByText, remembering this was the old name for the service. However, the password I had recorded did not work 🙁
  3. I entered my phone number in the app and clicked on forgot password.
  4. I checked Gmail where my external email is added, nothing…did it go to spam? Gmail shows my spam folder but whenever I try and read it, it jumps back to the inbox. Sigh 🙁
  5. In chrome I logged in to my webmail and go to the spam directory, there is the recovery email. By the way, typing my email address is painful, no gliding, and not having the option to add unrecognised words on the fly to the dictionary like you could in Swype has frustrated me in Gboard.
    • Update: If you go into keyboard setting, select Gboard you can add to the dictionary, I added my email address and a shortcut of _em_ now when I type em anywhere my email address comes up to select!
  6. My webmail does not show HTML email, it just shows the source, so I can’t see the reset link 🙁 I forward the email to my Gmail address.
    • Update: I have moved my webmail to RoundCube and it is excellent, better for me than SquirrelMail which I used forever and Horde which I tried for a couple of years. HTML mail, preview window, all the standard stuff you are used to.
  7. I switch to my Gmail in the app and click on the reset link, the resulting Apcoa screen also looks for my first name and last name.
  8. Now finally I could login to Apcoa. I had to add my card details before being able to pay. Finally, it was done.

 Posted by on December 7 2018