Chrome is a brilliant browser. For a time I found it faster that Firefox but now I use both a lot, Firefox seems to take less resources with multiple tabs open so I use it on my older home machine.

Generated: Mon, 17 Dec 2017

Exentions Enabled

  1. Application Launcher for Drive (by Google)
  2. CardCounter for Trello
  3. Copy Fixer
  4. Copy Without Formatting
  5. Copytables
  6. Ghostery
  7. Gmail
  8. Google Drive
  9. Google Search
  10. Grammarly for Chrome
  11. Highlight All
  12. Print Friendly & PDF
  13. Pushbullet
  14. Quick Tabs
  15. Save to Pocket
  16. Session Buddy
  17. Unlimited Free VPN – Hola
  18. YouTube