What Keyboard shortcuts
My Machine
  • Find the shortcut to put your machine to sleep
    • My home (Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro) Fn+F4 (not working!)
    • My work (HP EliteBook 850 G5) Fn+F3 (does not work for this model!)
    • Alternative in Windows 10 to put to sleep is WinKey + x + u + s
  • Yoga:
    • Mutes/unmutes the sound Fn+PrtSc
    • Increases/decreases sound volume Fn + F2/F3
    • Enable/Disable the keyboard backlight Fn + Spacebar
  • Open Task Manager Ctrl+Shift+Esc or Ctrl+Alt+Del & select Start Task Manager
  • Close program no questions asked Alt+F4
  • Same as right-clicking for context menu Menu key (next to the right-hand windows key)
  • Select All (in the current field or document) Ctrl+a
  • Find (works in most software) Ctrl+f
  • Select text from the cursor to start/end line Shit+Home/End
  • Shake Windows off Your Desktop, minimise everything but the active window by grabbing the title bar with the mouse and shaking
  • Resize Desktop Icons using the Scroll Wheel, click your desktop, hold the Ctrl key and roll the scroll wheel forward and backwards
  • New file/document/item Ctrl+n
  • New folder/smart item Shift+Ctrl+n
  • Refresh Shift+Ctrl+n
  • Hard refresh (no cache) Shift+ctrl+r/Shift+F5
  • Unformatted text paste Shift+Ctrl+v
    • Doesn’t work in Office apps, but you can use Ctrl-Alt-v and select “unformatted”
  • Euro symbol € Ctrl+Alt+4
  • Gesture shortcuts on touchpad
    • Use 4 fingers on touchpad, place them gently on touchpad together and slightly move them to left or right; Which causes the virtual desktop to be switched.(like windows key + tab). Takes some time getting used to but in the end you will end up creating even more virtual desktops for yourself.
    • Use 3 fingers on touchpad with same gesture to switch between apps(like alt + tab)
  • Windows Key shortcuts
    • Dock/snap the window to each side of the monitor WinKey + ←/→
    • Move the window to the monitor on the left or right, this makes Windows keep the position of the active window (left, centre or right) while switching it between displays Shift+WinKey + ←/→
    • Return screen to vertical when you have accidentally moved it sideways Ctrl+Alt+WinKey + ↑/
      • If you have another monitor to one side, once the widow is adjacent, pushing the same keys one more time takes it to the adjacent half of the secondary display.
    • Maximise the active window WinKey + (↔ toggles back)
    • Jump lists, starts/switches to the app pinned to the taskbar in that position WinKey+1..9
    • Zoom in/out WinKey+(+/-)
    • Focus notification tray / bring up taskbar WinKey+b
    • Lock workstation WinKey + l
    • Open Run dialog WinKey + r
    • Show System Information and to access PATH under the Advanced tab WinKey+Pause/Break
    • Cycle through open programs WinKey+tab, it’s better than alt+tab
    • Open Task view showing thumnails of all open apps – WinKey + Tab
    • WinKey+Shift+s \ printScrn snip n sketch screenshot
  • Windows 10 Virtual desktop:
    • Switch to the virtual desktop on the left\right Winkey+ctrl +←/→
    • Add a virtual desktop Winkey+ctrl+d
    • Close the current virtual desktop Winkey + ctrl+F4
Windows Explorer
  • Open WinKey + e
  • Up Level: Alt +
  • Adds Command Prompt Here Shift+Right-Click on a folder
  • Display the old-style menus Alt
  • Create new folder Ctrl+Shift+n
  • Copy as path context menu option Shift+Right-Click
  • Rename F2
  • Access special folders (or open from WinKey+r)
    • sendto or shell:sendto
    • startup or shell:startup
    • shell:PrintersFolder
Windows sniping tool
  • Grsb screen portion WinKey+Shift+s
  • Open link in new tab Shift+Middle mouse click
  • Focuses address bar F6 or Alt+d
  • Move between tabs Ctrl+PgUp/PgDn
  • Close tab Ctrl+w
  • New tab Ctrl+t
  • Fullscreen F11
  • Downloads Ctrl+j
  • If you type something in the address bar and then press control + enter, whatever you type will be surrounded by www. and .com
  • Developer console – Ctrl+Shift+j
  • Chrome
    • Google search in address bar / omnibox Ctrl+k
    • Focus address bar Ctrl+l
    • Picture in picture mode Alt+p
  • Mark as Read Ctrl + q
  • Delete Ctrl+d
  • Reply Ctrl+R
  • Reply All Alt+R (Ctrl+Shift+r)
  • Forward Alt+W
  • Move emails to Ctrl+Shift+v
  • Send email Ctrl+Return
  • Go to date on calendar Ctrl+g
  • Switch between email/calendar/contacts/tasks Ctrl+1/2/3/4
  • Manage Quick steps
    • They use Shortcuts Ctrl+Shift+#,
      e.g. I have one to Clear Categories
  • Go to Bookmark Ctrl+G
  • Back to the last place edited Ctrl + Alt + Z
  • Add to Quick Access, first will be Alt + 5
  • Mute Ctrl+Shift+M
    • In AutoHotkey I also resigned the Capslock to this shortcut: CapsLock::^+m
  • Move between objects Shift-Tab
  • Move objects up and down by pixel Ctrl + ←/→
  • To go to a particular slide when presenting Slide number+Enter
    • Alternatively, right-click a slide, select “Go to Slide” on the shortcut menu, and then select a slide from the list by title or slide number.
  • Remove tags 0
WhatsApp Desktop
  • Start new chat ctrl+n
  • Next chat ctrl+shift+]
  • Previous chat ctrl+shift+[
  • Pressing the 1 key will make the video start playing at the 10% point, pressing 2 takes you to the 20% point, and so on
  • To pause a video press spacebar or k
  • To fast forward press l
  • To rewind press j
  • When paused, to watch frame by frame forward or backwards, press the period or comma key
  • To go straight to the Quick Settings panel just place two fingers on the top of your screen and drag down.
    • In stock Android, when you drag the notification drawer down, you can tap the button in the upper right to access quick settings like Wi-Fi, data, brightness, Aeroplane Mode. The shortcut gets to it quicker
  • You can swipe to dismiss notifications; from v6+ (MarshMallow) you can press and hold the notification to set preferences for that app
  • Chrome
    • swipe left or right on the address bar to quickly switch between open tabs
    • long-press the URL bar to open a new quick-access menu with shortcuts to:
      1. Close the current tab.
      2. Open a new tab.
      3. Swap to incognito mode.
  • Tap and hold on menus: you don’t have to tap on the 3 vertical dots to open a menu and then tap again. Just tap and hold on the menu button and then drag down to the option you want
  • Safe mode Press and hold the power button to bring up the Power Off pop-up, then press and hold the pop-up to find the Safe Mode option. To get out of Safe Mode, just reboot your phone again
  • Camera shortcut Find what works for yours, on mine I twist the phone on others it might be a double press of the power button
  • Take screenshot simply hold the power and volume down buttons at the same time
7+ Taskbar tweaker
  • Move volume up/down move mouse wheel over taskbar notification area
  • Toggle password Ctrl+h
  • Open clipboard history Ctrl+WinKey+’
  • Newline when adding text anywhere Shift+enter
  • Capture region of screen Print Scrn
  • One external editor defined in options, to open current file F4
  • Switch between Backlog/Active Board/Reports 1 /2 / 3
  • Search /
  • JQL search window g + i
  • Create an issue c
  • Comment on issue m
  • Issue navigator u
  • Edit fields/actions window .
  • Active board
    • Presentation mode z
    • Toggle all swimlanes
    • Hide/Show Detail View t
  • Backlog
    • Send to top s + t
    • Send to bottom s + b
  • Add date picker //
  • Mention colleagues @
  • Open up Macro Browser {
Evernote Windows App
  • Create new note Ctrl+Alt+n
  • Find WinKey+Shift+f
  • I disable other shortcuts to capture & copy & paste screen
Trello web App
  • Toggle Label Names: shows or hides the names of labels on a board. You can also click any label on a board to toggle this
  • New card n opens a pop-over that allows you to add a card after the currently selected card, or in an empty list
Google Sheets
  • Create a new google suite document: Just enter,, etc. into your browser and it will instantly create a new, blank version.
  • Move between sheets in a workbook: Alt+Shift+k to display list & / + enter to select. These are the only ones I can get to work in Chrome, see others, YMMV.
  • Hide a column: Ctrl+Alt+0
Google Drive
  • Star files/folders including ones “Shared with me”. these are then accessible via the “Starred” menu item: s
Google Calendar
  • Jump to date: g
  • Jump to today: t
  • Create an event: c
  • Search: /
  • Scroll to previous date range: k or p
  • Scroll to next date range: j or n
  • Views (day): 1 or d, (week): 2 or w, (month): 3 or m; (4 days): 4 or x, (agenda): 5 or a
  • Delete current email or all checked: #
  • New message in a pop up window: c
  • Move up and down within a single email: PgUp/PgDn
  • Move up and down through your emails: j / k, enter to open an email if not opened already
  • Search: /
  • Move to drafts folder: g d
  • Make your text bold: ctrl + b
  • Make your text italicized: ctrl + i
  • Create a numbered list: ctrl + shift + 7
  • Create a bulleted list: ctrl + shift + 8
  • Insert a hyperlink for highlighted text: ctrl + k
  • Go to previous difference F7
  • Go to next difference F8
  • Delete line Ctrl+x
  • Launchy Alt + Spacebar
  • AutoHotKey
    • Copy with no formatting Ctrl+WinKey+c
    • Set active window to be always on top Ctrl+Spacebar
    • Activates Chrome WinKey+c
    • Activates Skype WinKey+y
    • Paste address/email/gmail/mobile/name/work email/postcode F10+a/e/g/m/n/w/z
  • Finestra
    • Switch desktop Alt+1/2 (Numpad)
    • Send window to desktop WinKey+Alt+1/2 (Numpad)
  • When texting, at the end of a sentence, hit the space bar twice and it will add a full stop