Oct 262017

I have been using Any.do for some years now and written about it before.

However, Any.do does not deal with my main use case well. I tend to build up long lists of ToDos and want an efficient way of managing them. Any.do does not have functionality for managing large lists on Android. Some missing features that would vastly improve this are:

  • An option to Move to Top, like in Jira or Podcast Addict. Currently, to reorder your list of ToDos one has to drag and drop an item by scrolling upwards screen after screen, a complete nightmare to do on a phone
  • Any.do has a search feature for the Web app and also for the iOS app but not for Android. It’s on their roadmap for Android, however, they don’t have a release date for this feature yet. UserVoice request #7594506
  • Tagging and colouring coding would help and has thousands of votes. #12796986

I have been using Trello for some time now and find it very useful. Today I bit the bullet and moved my main todo lists form Any.do to Trello having previously trialled it for managing ToDos. Today I however I moved and deleted the lists form Any.do.

Any.do has an email/export option but it is restricted to 31 items. Exporting and importing to Trello is not automated but the steps are manageable.

      1. Open your web.any.do
      2. Select your list and from the menu select clear completed
      3. Click on the page to activate it & press ctrl + a to select all items
      4. Open a spreadsheet such as Excel, press ctrl + v to paste, which leaves blank rows very second one
      5. In Excel press F5 to get the Go To dialog box, then click the Special button
      6. Click the Blanks option and click OK, doing so selects the blank cells (rows) in the selected range
      7. On the Excel Home tab, click the Delete dropdown in the Cells group and choose Delete Sheet Rows
      8. Select the Cell A0 to the last item and ctrl + c to copy
      9. Create a new list on your Trello board
      10. Click add card in Trello & ctrl + v to paste your list, then click Add
      11. If you get the message too many cards, then you will need to select 100 cells at a time

I have Trello setup with Today, This Week, Next and Main lists. Dragging and droping between them is easy. You can’t move Trello cards with keyboard shortcuts, though there is a 3rd party Move to Top option available via a Chrome extension but not in the Android App 🙁 I’ll see how it goes!