Aug 272008

These are features I would like to have and have not found in any version or extension to date.


Date Issue
Sep 08 When I open a source code file (java or otherwise) in my code repository online (like cvsdude) I would like the code to be syntax coloured.
Jun 06 In the bookmarks manager it would be nice to have it not open up with the last branch of your bookmark tree used open. So every time it opens up all the branch nodes are collapsed.


Date Raised Date Resolved Issue
Apr 05 Mar 08 It would be really cool if one could have multiple sidebars open at once, when I try it one replaces the other. Eg, I would like to have bookmarks on the top half and my Scrapbook on the bottom, in other words the ability to tile sidebars.

The All-in-One sidebar came to the rescue, absolutely excellent, couldn’t ask for more.

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