Nov 272011

I was upgrading my squeezebox server 7.6 on my windows home server via the whs console | Settings | Add-ins. To install v7.7 first I had to uninstall 7.6, no problem. When I tried to install v7.7, which has been renamed Logitech Server, it said it needed the Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 SP1 Redistributable Package (x86) and gave a download link from the Microsoft site. To install this I did the following.

  1. Downloaded vcredist_x86.exe to my machine.
  2. I used robycopy from the command line to copy the file to a shared directory on whs. (I needed to create the directory in whs, as when created via remote desktops it did not have permission to write to it).
  3. From the laptop I ran remote desktops. I needed to login from remote desktops to my whs server as the administrator. I needed to launch the command line to run the installation file.

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