Old Utilities


Here are a couple of old utilities I put together in the naughties.


Do you like to assign a cool sound to your email notification but then don’t want this booming across your speakers when you are playing music. ESounder allows you to set a default email arrival sound which you can toggle onand off. It runs in the system tray for easy access. If you are concerned about the memory footprint you can have a shortcut in the quick launch menu and you can shut it down from the tray when the toggle

This is my first release of software on the net, so let me know at esounderif you actually add this to your used tools!

Download: Executable, Source code (Delphi)

Microsoft Visual Source Safe add-on
Here’s an installable for Mobiusware’s excellent VSSLockedFiles,which opens a list of all the files checked out per user. The setup looks for the Visual source safe database location and login information and creates a shortcut to run VSSLockedFiles. The Mobiusware site is no longer available. Contact me about this on vss

Download: Executable