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In the 80s recording, something from the radio was so easy, you just lined up a cassette tape on your portable stereo. If the time did not suit you asked a family member to press record at a given time. These days, it should be easier than it is.

Problem Outline

So, you just heard something on the car radio: someone played a request for you or there was this really interesting chat about Italy that your dad would enjoy. Rather than just send a play-it-back URL you would like to record the snippet yourself so you can keep it for posterity and send it on WhatsApp too.


For illustrative purposes let’s assume this snippet was on RTE Radio 1.

  1. Open RTE Radio Player
  2. Select the Channel & the Show
  3. Play the playback recording & locate the start of the snippet you want to record
  4. Download Audacity.
  5. In order to save as MP3 from Audacity you will need to install LAME (the Audacity install will ask for this)
  6. Open Audacity AND click on the red record icon
  7. Back in your web browser press play on the show from your saved position
  8. In Audacity click on the stop icon when the skippet is finished
  9. In Audacity go the File Menu and select File -> Export -> Export as MP3
  10. Enter the name and location for the saved MP3 file and enter some MP3 attributes on the pop up mp3 tag editor, so the file has some information for MP3 software to display when playing.
  11. Save the MP3 to the cloud (Google Drive/gmail attachment) and attach in a WhatsAp message
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