Oct 202014

I had to send my phone in for repair again, so once again I was looking at backing it up over the weekend.

I have the HTC Sync\Backup app installed but it does not seem to offer that much in terms of app backup.

I looked at Titanium Backup as previously mentioned but baulked due to the phone needing to be rooted and I not wanting to affect my guarantee when I was returning it for repair.

Via Lifehacker I took a look at Helium desktop which is advertised as working without rooting your phone. I installed the windows app & the android app. Even though I can see the contents off my phone in windows explorer and in htc sync manager when I connect it, Helium did not see my phone asking me to install drivers.

helium error.jpg

Following the Helium installation instructions I installed the common HTC driver listed and restarted but I still got the error message.

So no change at the moment to my backup process.